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                         PIRAJEAN LEES is a London-based interior design, product design and creative direction studio. Founded in 2017 by Clémence Pirajean and James Michael Lees, PIRAJEAN LEES’s projects encompass the private residential, retail and hospitality sectors internationally. With a holistic attitude to each unique project, we collaborate with people who share our passion for enhancing lifestyles, and improving environments through spatial design.


                         Artistic inspiration runs deep through our own stories. Clémence’s family are sculptors and creators, with roots in hospitality, which gave Clémence valuable insights into the industry from an early age. James comes from a line of architects and designers, and attributes his love for storytelling to his early career in film direction and production design.





                         Each unique commission begins with finding a narrative. People and places come together in a creative thread woven through the project. That could be expressed in the geography of the surrounding landscape. The rediscovery of hidden architectural details. Sometimes, it’s simply by walking through an empty room; imagining what might have been, and now could be. 

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                         Creatively and emotionally, it’s often the imperfections that spark our imagination – the stumbled-upon elements of the natural world which ignite creativity. An ancient tree reborn as a piece of furniture. A discarded piece of marble reshaped by craftsmanship. The quirks and texture of materials which don’t fit the mould, but ensure every PIRAJEAN LEES piece or space is as unique as it is sustainable – and always bespoke. 


For each project, every element plays an integral part. The building’s architectural DNA informs the aesthetic; the bespoke decorative items and overall customer experience. It has a lyrical quality – a sense of poetry that runs throughout the brand and interiors, down to the smallest details. 


                         From the people we meet. The places we visit,. To the often subtle nuances that define and differentiate each new project. We are always learning and discovering. At every stage of our evolution, artists, makers and craftspeople have been a source of inspiration. These diverse experiences and intriguing stories picked up along the way form the fabric of what PIRAJEAN LEES is about. It’s a truly collaborative, creative journey that we invite our clients to join.

This is our vision.

This is what makes us, us.

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