Established in 2007 by Clemence Pirajean and James Lees, PIRAJEAN LEES

brings together Interior Design, Product Design and Creative Direction. 


With a holistic attitude to each unique and bespoke project, we work across the

residential, retail and hospitality sectors in the UK and the world. Combining

our experience and creativity, our projects reflect our passion for materials,

light, texture and crafstmanship. 


Each PIRAJEAN LEES commission begins with a story. A strong narrative found in research or simply by imagining what might have been. A strong sense of poetry that flows through the client experience, from the buildings' architecture DNA, to the bespoke Interior Design and final decorative elements. We like to imagine the thousands of new stories being created in the Interiors we design.

Focusing on one's journey through the spaces we produce, we aim to improve

lifestyles through spatial design. 

What makes us...

It starts with the story, putting the narrative first. 

It recognises our backgrounds, experience, inspirations, 

team, clients, tastes, passion and ambitions. 

It is everything that makes us, us.

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